Robots Become Actors

Robots improving Movies

Have you ever thought about what robots were used for? Movies Probably Isn't one you'd think of right away or at all. My first paragraph is on how robots have made movies more popular. My second paragraph is on how robots make movies more entertaining. My third paragraph is on movies that couldn’t of happened without robots.

Robots have made movies more popular like star wars Jurassic park and transformer. The robots in the movies who made them more popular are r2d2,c3p0,the dinosaurs from jurassic park and the robots like bumblebee and optimus prime. These robots made the movies better because it added more action where a cartoon could never do.Sometimes if the movie is really popular they quote the robots “Freedom is the fight of all sentient beings” Optimus prime.

Movies with robots are usually more entertaining. Some movies that are more entertaining because of robots are iron man and jurassic park.There more entertaining because they can do things humans can’t. It makes things more entertaining when people do things that are impossible to us.

There are so many movies that couldn’t of happened without robots like jurassic park, transformers, and iron man. They couldn’t of happened without because they were what the movie was built around like the dinosaurs, the transformer robots and the iron man suit.

After this article you should have a basic understanding of how robots helped make movies what they are. They add more features that usually were only seen happening in cartoons. Robots have also been the most favorited character of the movie because of their capabilities