David Suzuki


David Suzuki, a very wise and sophisticated man. He is an award-winning scientist, broadcaster and environmentalist. He has made his own book called The Legacy: An Elder's Vision for Our Sustainable Future and even a movie, Force of Nature-The David Suzuki movie. His movie was the Winner of the People's Choice Documentary Award at the TIFF. David is also known as the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's popular science television series, The Nature of Things. David continues as a scientist, to unlock what awaits him in the wonders of nature and what nature has to offer him as this brilliant man strives to accomplish his achievements and creating a greener future.

David a leader?

David in my opinion isn't a leader. David is a well known man because of his interests in science and ecology. There isn't many people that are well known according to interests like David. How David was recognized by the public is because he shows his interests physically and really clings to what he knows and loves to do best. He steps out of his comfort zone and experiment with what he loves to do. For example, he hosts a TV show involving how he imagines the future in his eyes and how he could change it the way he likes it, as a more eco-friendly place to live, on earth. In his TV show, he would go explore construction areas, how they're built, and how they could build it without harming the environment. He would go to factories and find ways to reduce the materials used to lower the amount of garbage into land fills annually, etc. As you can see, David does not sit at a desk and silently write his ideas down, but he likes to show it physically, and that is what makes David a leader.

Leadership Traits

David has demonstrated many traits. The three that stood out to me most are, courage, because he stood out of his comfort zone to show the public his interests and what he loves to do, he leads from the front-but doesn't leave the base behind, because to achieve what he wants, he has to lead. Finally, leading from the back- so other believe that they are in front, because to understand what he should do to help, he'll have to let them lead so he can support what they think is right. These traits are what defines David as a leader.


In conclusion David is noticeable as a leader. He is fit as a leader because he is courageous, a great leader, and supporter. He is not afraid to back down, and does not give up easily. He supports the environment and find ways to help it. #David #Suzuki #Leader #The #Su #Ecologist #Scientist #Hashtag