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New coupons for Mighty Leaf Tea make charitable givingbasic and delicious, and rewarding. Using these free printable grocery coupons currently available at CommonKindness.com, tea lovers may save $ 1 for the checkstand on purchasing one 15-pouch carton of Mighty Leaf Tea, while creating a contribution to their favorite 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations.

CommonKindness.com stands out as the online coupon website that donates 20 percent of the coupon redemption revenues towards the nonprofit organizations shoppers designate when they visit CommonKindness.com, download coupons, and redeem them from the checkstand. The shopper can select to support any 501(c)(3) organization, ranging from a national organization similar to the American Heart Association to their own local library foundation or PTO.

“From designing commercially compostable tea pouches to forging unique partnerships with tea growing communities, like a responsible global citizen has always been a priority for Mighty Leaf Tea,” said Bliss Dake, Chief Marketing Officer of Mighty Leaf. “That’s what made CommonKindness the perfect option for our couponing efforts. It empowers our consumers to produce the world an even better place.”

About Mighty Leaf Teas

A Mighty Leaf tea pouch contains individual whole tea leaves, just like they look after being plucked and processed during the garden. The purest, most natural ingredients offer the richest tea flavors. It will be that is why that Mighty Leaf artisan teas are usually whole leaf teas-never cut, torn or crushed.

Right from the start, the company’s goal has long been to generate outright simple, genuine ingredients. This philosophy guides the roll-out of Mighty Leaf’s unique artisan teas, each having an alluring taste profile. The flavors of such teas draw in the variety and bounty with the earth in bold and delightful ways.

Mighty Leaf Innovation

Mighty Leaf Tea incorporates a history steeped in innovation, as a company long at the vanguard within the premium tea market. The full leaf tea bag who has found yourself in dominate the sector was originally designed by Mighty Leaf. In 2006, this company specially redesigned its distinctive, handcrafted tea pouches to ensure they are commercially compostable. Specialty Coffee Association of America awarded Mighty Leaf the “Best New Packaging” honor that same year in recognition within the achievement.

“America’s nonprofit organizations are already hit hard by same ongoing economic challenges a lot of their supporters have faced in recent year,” said Sarah Schloemner, president of CommonKindness. “The partnership between Mighty Leaf and CommonKindness creates a new supply of sustainable funding for these particular noble organizations.”

To use printable grocery coupons for Mighty Leaf Tea, shoppers simply pay a visit to CommonKindness.com, simply select the coupons they require, print them out, and visit the store. Twenty percent on the coupon distribution fee shall be donated towards the nonprofit selection of the shopper’s option for each CommonKindness coupon redeemed at the cash register. To get Mighty Leaf Tea at a nearby store, head to the Mighty Leaf Tea store locator.

About Mighty Leaf

Mighty Leaf blends a diverse choice of artisan specialty teas within the finest ingredients from around the globe and distributes its brand primarily through specialty retailers, high-end restaurants, and premier resorts and hotels across Canada And America and globally. Its proprietary handcrafted manufacturing process and it is distinctive packaging combine to really make it a vital premium brand which has a strong affinity among loyal consumers. The company’s superior customer services and comprehensive support programs make Mighty Leaf a 1-stop solution for retailers, food services distributors, and hospitality providers.

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