Basketball Three Point Lessons

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My name is Mr. Raj, today I will be teaching the class how to do a three point shot. First, to make a three point shot, you need to be on or behind the three point line. Next, plant your strong foot on the three point line, toes facing the net. Then, make sure your shoulders are straight and facing the net. Also, when you're about to shoot, remember to align your elbow with your knee and strong foot. After, you align your knee with your strong foot, keep your weaker hand on the side of the basketball. After, make sure your fingertips are on the basketball. Next, extend your shooting hand and follow through. After you shoot, always remember B. E. E. F, which stands for Balance, Eye, Elbow and Follow Through. Finally, once you are comfortable with your shot, make sure you practice because practice makes perfect.

Jimmer's 3-Point Technique!