Mezcla Newsletter

Thursdays. Slater. 8 P.M.

Here's what we have planned for April:

April 7th: Before You Pour It Up...

April 8th: Latinx Cultural Show

April 10th: Latinx Cafe

April 12th: Keynote Speaker: Carlota Zimmerman

April 14th: Familia Meeting

April 19th: Rum & Coke Screening

April 21st: Poster Campaign Talkback*

April 28th: Latinx Alum Panel

*meeting will be held in the library lecture room

If you need accommodations due to a disability or health-related need to participate in this event, please contact Jim Wice, Director of Disability Services: (781) 283 - 2434,

??: avargas exp: 04/29th