Biotechnology Research Project


Common and Scientific name


Scientific-Solanum Tuberosum

History-When and where was this crop or animal first genetically modified

1995 genetically modified by nature atleast 8,000 years ago

U.S. Production (statistics about how much-amounts/percentages)

90 percent of u.s. potatoes are planted in the spring.

World Production (statics-amounts/percentages)

19,165,865 potato production

Why the crops or animal is genetically modified (what characteristics are changed or added)

Decreased in cost less money spent pesticides better for environment

Disadvantages harmful health risks antibiotic resistance health problems for animals gm foods may contain allergies.

How the crop if genetically modified (where is the other dna coming from)

Modified starch composition could soon be grown in Europe.

Benefits of genetic modification

Creating plants better resistant to weeds,pest and other diseases.

Longer shelf life for easier shipping.

Risks of genetic modification

could harm us humans new allergens in food supply antibiotic resistance.