Express Yourself

By: Lauren Shepherd

Theme Project

Expressing ourselves is something that we should do everyday. Whether it's painting, writing, dancing, acting, or singing. Just doing whatever you love to do is expressing yourself!

In School

In school there are many ways you can express yourself, such as art class. Where you make a variety of paintings and sculptures. In addition, Discovery has an art club. We have lots of fabulous creations out in the halls to show.

Also, it's not just Art that you can take as a course to express yourself, you can also take choir, where you can sing your heart out. Or even orchestra and band, where you can show your skills of being a musician.

If you are wanting to show your singing talent, you could try out for Xanadu, a musical where you can also roller skate! Maybe you just don't want to sing, and you just want to act you could try out for the next play the Discovery is putting on, because unfortunately, Discovery has already put on our first play, Agatha Rex.

Projects Shown in Discovery Hallways

Out of School

Out of school and into the real world, there are many people who have, and are still expressing themselves. First of all, although he was born in 1853, Vincent Van Gogh is legendary for his amazing paintings. "The Starry Night", "Irises", and "Cafe Terrace at Night" are just a few of his magnificent creations.

A more recent artist, but she doesn't paint, Taylor Swift is a popular country and pop artist. Additionally, Taylor doesn't just sing, she also writes some of her own music. She has won many awards for her talent, and she has many adoring fans, including me! As she once said, "People haven't always been there for me, but music has."

Have you ever seen the TV show "Good Luck Charlie?" Well, in the show Bridgit Mendler, also known as Teddy, is a very popular actress and singer. You might have seen her on "Wizards of Waverly Place," and or heard some of her songs on the radio.

Out of school projects

In My Life

I'm more of an artsy person than a singer or actor, but that doesn't mean I just like to do crafts! In elementary school I always loved art class and was excited for every project. That's why this year I am going to take art as one of my electives. So, I guess you could say art is the way I express myself the most.

Even though I enjoy listening to music, I don't like to sing much. In elementary school I tried Syncopations, which for my old school is kind of like choir. I had fun, but it just wasn't my thing.

In elementary school, we did not have any "acting" electives. So, this year I decided to take Bravo, I'm really nervous though. I'm sometimes shy, so hopefully it will bring me out of my shell.

Projects in My Life


All of these pieces of evidence support my theme, because they all show how you can express yourself in school, how people have and still are expressing themselves out of school, and how I express myself. As Taylor Swift once said "You are lucky enough to be different. Never change."

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