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September 20, 2013

Whew. It has been busy.

In the first two weeks of school, we checked out 1, 671 books. Our scanners have been on fire! This number doesn't even include our summer reading books (which have been flying off the shelf). Many of you have already finished the first book in a series, and are coming to ask for the second. I love it.

Many days we have been packed with three classes using the media space at the same time. We are busy learning how to use Chromebooks and are beginning to use the iPads.

I have been teaching classes about using our card catalog, writing thesis statements, starting the research process and even demonstrating how to use Google Docs to peer edit papers.

Let's keep it busy!

-Mrs. Harapat

Tech Tip: Padlet

Everyone can learn-- Padlet is a fun Internet site that is like an online piece of paper. Once you open a Padlet, you can invite others to join in on the same sheet of digital paper. You can post content-- images, video, documents, text-- anywhere on the page from any device.

Students and staff could use this for note-taking, online discussions or even for brainstorming or collecting research for a project.

Your product can be printed or exported as a PDF file. This makes it easy to store your work for future use.

Try it!

SlideSnack, PhotoSnack & FlipSnack

Everyone can learn--

SlideSnack is an online presentation tool. Simply upload your your Power Point or Word documents and they become a Slide Snack Presentation.

You can also record your comments or notes and make a slidecast (presentation + voice). You can easily share this presentation via YouTube.

PhotoSnack: Make a photo slideshow (CLICK TO TRY)

REALLY NEAT-- FlipSnack: Make a flip book (CLICK TO TRY)

Staff and students can use FlipSnack to make catalogs, manuals, reports...

Use the link below to see an example of a flip book.

Need a Book Idea?

Lifelong learning is essential for personal growth.

Minnesota has some excellent teen authors.

LINK: YA Authors from Minnesota-- MN AUTHORS

LINK: A list of MN YA Novels at Hennepin County Library--Click Here


LINK: We have 14 titles that have one Minnesota Book Awards in our library.

LINK: We also have 44 books written by an author from MN.

Keep Summer Reading!

People thrive when they feel connected, supported and affirmed.

Visit the Summer Reads Website for a full list of titles, book trailers, discussion questions and MORE!

Book Club Update

People thrive when they feel connected, supported and affirmed.

Last week we had 45 students attend Book Club after school. Book Club is open to anyone who would like to join. Check the media center window for upcoming meeting times.

Next week we will be talking about National Banned Books Week.

Banned Books Week is an annual event celebrating the freedom to read. It highlights the value of free and open access to information.

Hispanic Heritage Month

Valuing and respecting differences strengthens the individual and the community.

Hispanic Heritage Month is September 15- October 15.

Celebration months are a good time to spotlight books in our collection.

Come to the media center to see our display of books!

Also, here is a link to an list of books compiled by the Young Adult Library Services Association.

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