Authorship Controversy Project

Nya Lewis 12/03/15

The controversy

The Controversy is basically many people do not believe that Shakespeare is the true writer behind all the work with his on it. Shakespeare authorship controversy as it applies to Shakespeare, Edward De Vere, the 17th Earl of Oxford, and Christopher Marlowe. The Shakespeare authorship conspiracy theories are largely based on “lack of evidence”.

Edvidence for "the real" Shakespeare

Edward De Vere died in 1604, before many of the plays were written: Macbeth, Coriolanus, The Tempest, and etc. So he possibly couldn't be the real Shakespeare. And Christopher died in 1593. The only one still alive was Shakespeare. Many believe that because Shakespeare had only one source of education he couldn't truly be the writer of all those writings.

Who is the real Shakespeare?

In my opinion I feel as though Shakespeare himself was the real Shakespeare. It's known that Shakespeare would tweak a few details in the plays if it made the scene better. Most of the plays were tragedies, which I believe may have came from the fact his son, Hamnet, died at a young age. He may have not written all of the things under that name, but I believe he wrote majority.