Copopa Chronicle

March 29, 2019

February Character of the Month

This student shows PRIDE in his/her work.

  • Always puts forth best effort in class work to make it something to be proud of

  • Doesn’t complain about class work, student job, etc

  • Doesn’t make comments like “I can’t do this” or “This is too hard!”

  • Shows a sense of accomplishment when completing a task

  • Never rushes through work just to be done

Kindergarten- Cole Koehler, Erica McCall, Emily Jagusch

1st Grade- Tegan Rodgers, Olivia Corbett, Sophia Showman

2nd Grade- Andrea McCall, Mason Monschein, Mikaela Schofield

3rd Grade- Sophia Jeffers, Avery Horvat, Isaiah Bryant

4th Grade- Ava Sekic, Ruby Sikorski, Annabella Naticchioni

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Cup Stacking Tower Challenge in Tinkerspace

Congratulations to Jackson Shultz, 1st grader at Copopa for winning the scooter just for buying lunch in the cafeteria during the month of February.

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Important Dates

4/10- 3rd and 4th Grade Spelling Bee

4/11- Brunswick Skate Station 6:00-8:00

4/13- PTA Mother/Son Dance 6:30-8:30

4/18- No School for Students

Marco's Pizza Night

4/19- No School- Spring Break

4/29- School Resumes

Marvelous Mondays

4/1- Cleveland Indians Home Opener- Wear your Tribe Gear

4/8- Crazy or Mix Matched Sock Day

4/15- Easter is Coming! Wear your Spring colors

4/29- Twin Day

5/6- Sports Clothes Day

5/13- Favorite Color Day

5/20- Hat Day

5/28- Beach Day

Our kindergarteners donated more than 600 items of food to the Columbia Food Bank this morning! We are so proud of them! Copopa also donated more that 1,700 toiletry items to the food bank too!

Celebrating Mardi Gras

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Stomper's Visit to Announce the Reading Challenge

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On March 14, 2019 Mrs. Bowman’s Fourth Grade Math Enrichment group traveled to Lorain County Community College to participate in the Education Service Centers first ever Sphero-Olympics event. Students created an Olympic-type event for a Sphero, a spherical robot that can be coded, to complete. At Sphero-Olympics, our teams then needed to “cold code” three other districts created events. This means that they had to code them on the spot without ever seeing them before. Some groups had to make their sphero jump off a ramp while others had to complete obstacle courses and one group even had to put their sphero in the water and code it to swim! Each event was worth a possible total of five points. Scores were taken at each event and averaged. We had one of our teams that tied for third place! Our teams did a great job at coding the events they were assigned. The students had a great time at the event. Congrats to our Sphero-Olympic participants!

Future Chef Competition

CONGRATULATIONS to Kaitlyn Glandorf for winning this year's Future Chef competition with her Seven Layer Vegetarian Quesadilla recipe.

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On Monday, March 25, families, from Kindergarten through grade 8 at Columbia, came together to participate in our 3rd annual Family Literacy Night. Over 120 students participated in laser tag and carnival stations throughout the evening. There was excitement in the air as kids tried creating sentences by knocking down cups, following commands in balloons they popped, ringing up MAD Libs, or talking in crazy Plinko selected voices. You could step right up to tongue twisting fun, ring up some rhymes, and toss frogs to find synonyms and antonyms. Kids loved the duck pond scattergories game, and learned to follow sequence order of directions to make balloon animals. Speaking of balloon animals, the PTO sponsored balloon artist Nate the Great to come and dazzle us with his decorative balloons. He was amazing to watch! The Boy Scouts were also present as Troop 176 donated sno-cones to give this event and authentic carnival charm. Meanwhile backstage, the CMS took part in a special mystery theater or live action "Who Done It?" They solved the mystery of Clown Car Capers . Congratulations to Madison McCall for being the only CMS student to correctly solve the mystery! A special thank you goes out to Mr. Jim Bailey, who owns Arena 51 Laser Tag and so graciously opened his doors to our schools on a day he is closed. His staff was warm and VERY helpful the entire evening. Thank you to the following teachers, parents, and seniors at high school who made it a point to donate their time to help all evening at the event: Mrs. Milluzzi, Mrs. Peiris, Mrs. Mayornick, Mrs. Atkinson, Mrs. Schwartz, Mrs. Dunn, Mr. Bunner, Mrs. Figliano, Mr. Hershey (CMS), Mr. Magyar, Mrs. Sorensen, Mrs. Rumes, Mr. and Mrs. Jakubison, Mrs. Trujillio, Adam Ross, and Ben Skowronsky. Thanks to everyone who was able to attend and enjoy this evening of great fun! See you next year!

Cavs vs. Celtics Day- Mr. Bailey is converting his class into Celtics Fans One by One!

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March Character of the Month

This student shows RESPECT by building others up.

  • Compliments others on their accomplishment, big or small

  • Gives kind reminders to peers who may not be following directions to help them

  • Comforts a peer who is upset

  • Congratulates others for their achievements or victories

  • Uses kind words to make others feel special or boost their confidence

Kindergarten- Adelyn Steenstra, Lucas Pedro, Olivia Sawczyszyn

1st Grade- Chloe Bowes, Vinny Boetticher, Von Boetticher

2nd Grade- Donavin Friscone, Annie Loftin, Emily Skaggs

3rd Grade- Natalie Miller, Alex Ramos, Tanner Cochrane

4th Grade- Aubriana Wilson, Sarah Pettegrew, Rayiana Negron

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Copopa Cafe Book Tasting

The students this week during Library were invited to our special Copopa Cafe. They had the opportunity to taste a variety of books from different genre and authors than they may normally choose to read. This was a great way to expose them to options that are available to them in our school library. They also had the opportunity to review the books, make a list of books they are interested in, and make a list of words that will help them expand their vocabulary.
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The Columbia PTO Cordially Invites you to Attend the 5th Annual Mother and Son Dance on Saturday April 13th, 2019

Who can attend: Moms, Step-Moms, Aunts, Grandmas, or Guardians of young gentlemen currently attending Columbia Local Schools.

When: Saturday April 13th, 2019 from 6:30pm-8:30pm

Where: Copopa & CMS Gym (enter through the CMS lobby)

Cost: $10.00 per couple and $2.00 per extra child. Light snacks and water will be provided.

What to Wear: Take this opportunity to get all dressed up! Wear semi-formal attire, dress pants and shirts.

*Hazel Eyes Photography will be there to take pictures

**J Sabol Entertainment will be our DJ for the evening.


Please RSVP by returning this portion to your child’s teacher in an envelope marked: ATTN: Columbia PTO-Mother son Dance; by Monday, April 8th

Name(s) of all students attending:

# of Adults attending # of Children attending:

Circle one: Cash or Check (made out to: Columbia PTA) Total Amount:

***We are in need of volunteers for set- up, clean up, food table, and check in. Please provide your contact info if yourself, family members, high school students, or even dads are able to help out!!

Any questions, please contact Michelle Boetticher @ (440) 669-2183 or