K-12 Mobile Learning Applications

6 Apps that can be used in the classroom to promote learning


What is it? Toontastic is an application that encourages student creativity by allowing them to draw, animate, and narrate their own cartoons.

How can it be used? Toontastic is an application that can be used in a language arts program to have the students create their own stories. Giving them the opportunity to draw and animate the characters allows for diverse learners to succeed. The cartoons can be shared on a network called Toontube, and this can be used by the teacher to assess the students ability to highlight key storytelling principles.

Here is the link directly to the toontastic webpage: http://launchpadtoys.com/toontastic/

I have also found a video that contains all the "need to know" information about toontastic! http://youtu.be/PeUWYd0NEZM

Journal Jar

What is this? Journal Jar is an application that provides students access to a wide variety of writing prompts.

How can this be used? This application is useful in many different respects. When students are given time to write they usually need to be told what to write about. This application has over 150 different journal writing prompts that will help the students to think critically and provoke thoughts. The app is very easy to use, simply shake your device and a topic will pop up.

Here is a direct link to the webpage: http://exclusivetutors.com/homeworkhelp/free-educational-app-journal-topics-writing-prompts/#

Here is a video that describes how the application is used: http://youtu.be/ZGy1pszZo7Q


What is this? Videolicious is an application that allows students to create videos

How can this be used? Videolicious is an application that can allow for multiple means of representation. This gives the students the option of creating videos using the device to display their knowledge. For example if the students are creating a science fair project, students will have the option of writing all of the necessary components, or they can use videolicious to video their experiment and use the video as a way to display all of the necessary components to the project.

Here is a direct link to the videolicious webpage: https://videolicious.com/

This video provides a brief introduction to using videolicious in the classroom: http://youtu.be/fYBePzN3DSw


What is this? Shmuppet is an application that allows students to create their own 30 second "puppet shows" using the different animated puppets provided on the application.

How can this be used? Shmuppet is an application that would be especially useful in Elementary classrooms. Students could be given an assignment that involves research, for example, research an endangered species and then they can present their findings using a series of 30 second puppet shows. Or the students could use this application to describe an area of math that they do not understand and once the students have all submitted their puppet show, the teacher could put them all together and have a more fun and engaging way to review with the students.

Choose Your Path

What is this? Choose your path is an application that provides students with predetermined stories, but allows the student to choose from over 50 different story endings.

How can this be used? Choose your path is another application that could be implemented within a language arts lesson. The students are required to read the predetermined story and then read "endings" until they find one that they think fits the story best. For this reason this application could be used in an elementary classroom during "reading time". This application is one that could be used outside of the classroom as well.

Bunsella Bedtime Stories

What is this? Bunsella Bedtime Stories is an application that allows students to create their own stories. Students are able to input their own text, pictures, and audio to create their very own "bedtime story".

How is this used? This application is another that could be used in elementary language arts. Students are to develop their creative writing skills throughout their elementary careers, and Bunsella Bedtime Stories can be used to accomplish this concept. These bedtime stories can be exported using facebook, email, and youtube making them easily accessible.

Here is a link to an example of a bedtime story created using Bunsella Bedtime Stories: http://youtu.be/uQ1h39kNXaM

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