This Month @The Young Artist's Club

Winter 2022


Hello donors!

As I reflect back on this year, I can hardly believe how far we've come. From pandemic art kits to collaborative art, to online art class. And from "just" an art club, to becoming a fully recognized 501c3 nonprofit. This has been a truly amazing and wild experience.

We continue to grow and change as circumstances change for the school we serve and I cannot be more thankful for a board of directors and donors who grow and change along with us.

Enjoy some pictures of all we have going on!

Beth Fitzhugh


The Young Artist's Club


We are looking for:

1. Empty 2 liter bottles for a lantern display

2. Shoe boxes for diorama work!

Please contact us for my address, we have a contact free donation box outside my door.

You can also drop off donations at Mooberry Elementary school in Hillsboro. Here is how it works:

You walk up to the front entrance, with your mask on, and push the button on the silver intercom on the brick wall above the bench. Someone from the office will answer and you can tell them you have a donation for the Young Artist’s Club, and they will come and get it.

Looking for a space

The YAC is looking for a new HQ. We've started to outgrow the garage where we are now housed. Please join us in prayer or positive thoughts as we look for a space that is within walking distance of our home school-Mooberry- and that we can afford.

The Maker's Fair- December 2021

Winter Programs

There is so much going on at the school right now that we'd like to let our donors in on:

1. Art @Recess- a once a month art project done at lunch recess

2. In person after school art club

3. Resourcing teachers to bring art to their classroom

4. Family Art Night

If you would like to volunteer with us, in person, we are now able to have volunteers with us at the school. There is a training process you will have to go through, but it is well worth it!

If you'd like to start your training and get involved with us, please contact Beth Fitzhugh (director):

In Class Art Lessons

We've had the privilege to go into classrooms and provide 4 art lessons in December and 4 in January! Because of the generosity of donors, we were able to donate the supplies we brought in so the classes can keep making art, even when we aren't there. We have more in class lessons coming in the month of February and March

Collaborative Art- It's Finally up!

Big picture