Bearcat Weekly

November 14 - 18

Bearcat Praises

Thanks to everyone for making this an amazing week at PPIS!

We had so much to be the thankful for here this week. I might have to say that this was one of the best weeks I've had at a school in quite a while. There were so many special memories made with the talent show and our Veteran's Day program. To me that's the most important thing we can do for our kids is making this time as memorable as we can. We want them to look back on their time here and remember all the great times they had and week's like this definitely go a long way toward accomplishing that goal!

Thanks to everyone involved in the planning and preparation of our Talent show and In/Out Burger dinner. I was joking with Ms. Nisbett that night that it seems the In/Out Burger truck always brings the cold, drizzly weather! Nevertheless, it was a great event and definitely something we will continue next year!

Thanks to Mindy Johnson and all the parents who helped out with the Talent Show! They put a lot of hard work into it and I have heard so many positive comments about it!

Thank you Mr. Johnson for working with the 6th graders and putting on a memorable performance for our Veteran's. It was clear that it meant a lot to those kids to do their best and show the Veteran's in attendance how much they are appreciated.

Thank you Mrs. Alderson, for helping set up our Huey visit! My own dad even joked that he wished he could have been here to see it. I really appreciate her getting this together for her dad and his crew taking the time to come visit our kids. I actually heard that there may be another spring visit in the works :)

Bearcat Boogie this Friday at 8am

Don't forget that we will have our next Bearcat Boogie this Friday at 8am! Looking forward to recognizing our kids for all their great accomplishments from the 2nd six weeks!

Questions, Comments or Concerns

Staff, please do not ever hesitate to come see me if you have any concerns or are unclear about something going on. I will be more than happy to discuss anything with you or if you just need me to listen I can do that too! We are off to a great start this year and I am excited about the direction of our school. We are about to get some much needed time off and I'd encourage everyone to take a step away and recharge your battery. Most importantly spend some much needed quality time with your families!

New Focus and Schedule starts Tuesday

Don't forget that we will start our new schedules and Focus classes on Tuesday. Please make sure to discuss these changes with your kids and make sure they all know where to go starting Tuesday.

DOK questions

Please make sure to start incorporating your DOK questions Monday. Just a reminder that they need to be posted on your board and each student should have an opportunity to answer them. Again, if you have any questions about this procedure please see me.
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