Holmquist News and Notes

December 9 - 13

Kimberly's Message

Welcome to Week 14! I hope everyone had an opportunity to enjoy their entire week with family and friends. I definitely enjoyed my time with Lydia, Ray, and my family in New Orleans. As we begin the countdown towards Christmas, please remember that this is not a joyous occasion for many of our students and maybe some of our staff members. Let's make sure we are exercising empathy with our students, colleagues and parents. We never know what someone is going through or why they are the way they are. I always encourage others to take control of you and do not allow others to change the beautiful person that you are. Welcome Back and I am truly thankful for my wonderful, hard working, committed and loving staff.

Shout Outs

  • Thursday, Dec. 3rd, we only had 1 staff member absent! Way to go Holmquist. If we can get another day with 1 absent I will have a special treat for the staff!
  • I was truly impressed with Mr. Stewart’s small group. Not only were they actively engaged in the lesson, I paused to see a student have an ‘AHA’ moment and he was so impressed with himself that he ‘got it’!! I know he was happy, because it truly warmed my heart. I needed that affirmation after yesterday’s DCA testing, that they may not get it right away, BUT when they do… An entire world of possibilities and hope is open and available. Ms. L. Washington
  • DCA testing went well - thanks to ILT and all staff members
  • Ms. Jones, Ms. Sandoval and Ms. Rodriquez for decorating our building
  • Ms. Kucharski for leading math PLC with her team
  • Ms. Purdy and Ms. Cavazos for leading 3rd grade PLC and reviewing DCA data
  • Kelli led 4th grade PLC to assist teachers with creating writing smart goals.
  • Ms. Arenstein, Ms. Purdy, and the ILT team for organizing the grade level Spelling Bee
  • Our students that used the computer to take the DCA were prepared and they knew how to use the tools. Great job Guerra, Revenaugh, Watts and Washington for preparing your students.
  • 1st Grade had a great CP for all content areas on Monday
  • Ms. Dennison was able to get 25 of her students to use IStation over the Thanksgiving Break
  • Majority of Ms. Pitrucha and Ms. Williamson students completed homework assignments over the break
  • Ms. Pitrucha is using a clip board behavior tracking system with her students and it has drastically improved their behavior
  • Ms. Dabney's students were doing show and tell and she requires students to respond in complete sentences
  • Ms. Kutiev was conducting math small groups and students were in engaging workstations
  • Ms. Payton was conducting math small groups and students were in engaging workstations
  • Ms. Argueta was teaching PK students in the absence of Ms. Dennison
  • Ms. Alvarez was conducting math small groups and using technology to keep students engaged
  • Ms. Jackson's students were creating Smart goals to help improve their score on their next DCA
  • Ms. Esparza was reviewing the DCA with students and talking them through the problem
  • Ms. Phillips was working with a small language group working on plurals
  • Ms. Johnson was providing whole group instruction to students. Students were engaged in activity.
  • Ms. Kucharski was reviewing an assessment with students and discussing the best answer choice
  • Ms. Washington was working with a small group of students on a math assignment

Weekly Calendar

Saturday, December 5th

Happy Birthday - Ms. Williams and Mr. Ponder

Monday, December 7th

EDC 69

3rd CP LA/SS

Wear Team Jersey

Humming Bird Store - See Schedule

Math Specialist K-2 Meeting

SDC 3:40

Happy Birthday Ms. Ojeda

Tuesday, December 8th

EDC 70

4th CP LA/SS

Wear Gold Shirt or 70s Attire

Kimberly Cohort Meeting

Science Spec. Meeting

E-Colors CEO at Holmquist 12 - 1

70th Day of School

Wednesday, December 9th

EDC 71


DCA Science 2nd and 3rd

4th grade goes to the Opera

See schedule change

Wear a tie-dye shirt

Hummingbird Store - See Schedule

Happy Birthday Ms. Upshaw

Tech Comm. Meeting - 3:50

AP Meeting

Hospitality Meeting - 3:40

Thursday, December 10th

EDC 72

Gift of Time Kinder

Santa Picture Day K and 3

2nd Grade CP M/Sci

DCA Science 4th

DCA SS 3rd

Wear Red Shirt

Hummingbird Store - See Schedule

Progress Reports Go Home

REID 1 - 3:30

ART 4:00

Friday, December 11th

EDC 73

Gift of Time 4th

Santa Picture Day PK and 4th

3rd Grade Spelling Bee

Wear Mix and Match Colors or shiny clotes

PLC - 8:10 -

Monday - 4th Grade

Tuesday - 2nd Grade

Wednesday - 1st Grade

Thursday - Gift of Time Kinder

Friday -Gift of Time 4th


  • Please remember that students should not go into the hallway near mailboxes to retrieve items out of your box nor should they go into the teacher's lounge.
  • Begin giving out Hummingbird Flutters for Acts of Kindness - 1 girl and 1 boy from each grade level will have a chance to win a bike. Teacher must write name on Flutter and they must be placed in the grade level box in the library.
  • Please remember all of the schedule changes for next week and please make sure you have prepared your students for some of the changes.
  • There are a lot of free dress days next week and the following week if you participate in the activities. Please wear what's expected or be prepared to go home to change clothing. I have been very flexible with jeans, so please don't ruin it for everyone!

Ms. Sanchez's 3rd grade Champions are discussing E-Colors with their Peers. This video is pretty awesome! Click on the link to see the video