Leprechaun Trap

By: Samantha

My Question

How can I make a trap to catch a leprechaun using a simple machine?

How I Made my trap

The way I made my trap is I took some old toys of my sisters and I put them together to make a pulley on a stand. Then I took an empty Clorox Container and cut the top off. After that, I pulled of the wrapper. I also looked in our Simple Machine kit to make a basket for the end of the pulley. I covered it in gold duct tape ( leprechauns like the color gold as well as itself) . then I put green paper around the base of my trap for more decoration.

Some of our Top Leprechauns

Part II

My materials used to build my trap

I used green paper, gold duct tape,Tinker toys, a clorox container, green duct tape,lego people (to test it), and crumpled up paper wrapped in duct tape to act as gold.

Paragraph about my Trap

The name of my trap is "Catching Leprechauns". The Materials I needed are Listed in the section above.First, a leprechaun needs to not pay attention to the trap, but to the gold at the bottom of the container.Once the leprechaun gets into the basket, the weight will pull the leprechaun downward and there for, he/ she will get trapped in the bottom of the pit. I used a pulley to lower down the leprechaun into the trap.