The Boy Who Dared

Emily C, Ella C, Ariana F, and Justin G

The problem in our book: How does Nazi discrimination against Jews compare to the riots in Baltimore?

Hitler controlled Germany and everything in it when he became the leader. Germany became a fascist totalitarian state. Nazis eliminated every personal freedom and pronounced the creation of a Volk Community—a society which would transform class and religious differences. Culture, the economy, education and the law were controlled by Nazi government. Workers, employees, and employers were forced into the German Labor Front, which was under the control of Hitler. The Führer principle came to Germany. According to this principle, the government, the party, economy, family, and so on— was to be obeyed without question. Hitler didn’t like the Jews. The Jews would suffer from living under Hitler’s rules unless they could afford to leave. The ones that had to stay had it rough. They had to sit on certain seats that were marked for them to sit on buses, trains, and even park benches. By the end of March 1933, Hitler had acquired much greater powers than the former leader. With only Nazis and other politicians inside the Kroll Opera House, the bill was quickly passed into law. On 7th April 1933, Nazi officials were put in charge of all local government in the provinces

How they solved the problem

In the book, the Boy Who Dared, the government restricts the rights of its citizens and creates a feeling of racial discrimination between Jews and Germans. At the very start of Nazi rule there is a very strong vibe of hate towards Jews but eventually this hate bloomed into the killing of about 6 million Jews. This often referred to as the Final Solution which was Germany’s plan to eradicate Jews by shooting, gassing, torture, and other extreme measures. Technically, the Nazi problem was solved when the Allied forces invaded Germany in 1945. Hitler knew he was defeated when this happened but it took a while for the glory of Germany to be restored. After the fall of Germany a couple Allies and Germans took charge and slowly worked Hitler out of power. It took many months to disband death camps all around Germany and restore equality of Jews and Germans. Germans were given back their freedoms when Hitler lost power.

Modern day problem

In the city of Baltimore, there has been an outrage of being treated wrong (discrimination). Citizen Freddie Gray has died from severe spinal injury while in police custody. Officials say they do not know the cause of this injury, but it still enraged the citizens of Baltimore. After his funeral, people erupted into violent protests, injuring several officers. For the past few days, citizens of Baltimore have been burning houses, cars, and stores. In response, the police department of Baltimore has been using tear gas to stop the people, but that still won’t stop them. The total amount of money in damage is estimated to be up to 20 million dollars.

This modern day problem relates to the story The Boy Who Dared because Adolf Hitler was forcing the Jews into wanting to strike back and protest. In both situations you had people who thought the authorities were unfair, so they fought back.

Baltimore Riots News Coverage (April 27, 2015, 5:00 PM)

What people are doing to solve it

In Baltimore, the police and National Guard are upping their security to prevent riots from further happening. They used tear gas to settle down protesters. Volunteers are aiming to clean up the mess from looting, fires, and rioting. After the riots took place, police set a 6-day curfew. Restaurants, hotels, and even the Baltimore Orioles baseball team are losing business and still struggling to regain it. Ordinary citizens are afraid to leave their homes, while police are paying more attention to rioters. Just like during the Nazi regime, many Baltimore citizens believe that they are not being treated morally by authorities


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