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The Gratitude Experience: Part 4

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all had an enjoyable, heart-warming and delicious Thanksgiving. Ours was wonderful, surrounded by loving family and dear friends, and boy was it full of flavor!

As we wrap up this gratitude series, I want to take a moment to thank you all for taking the time to plug into my Motivation Monday emails! It’s funny because I was originally inspired to write something like this for clients who sought a way to remain accountable and encouraged. Now, I am thanking them for giving me a purpose to power up my heart and mind, and put my philosophy on life and wellness out into the universe. It has been so rewarding and enjoyable for me, and I so appreciate the many words of encouragement that you all have poured my way. Thank you! Thank you!

This genuine sense of appreciation brings me to the final message of this series, which is to feel and express thanks and help promote your chance for continued success! If that needs translating, here’s my best shot at doing that: Find Your Why! Finding your WHY means doing something with a purpose. It means eating healthy and staying fit so you can be an active mom or dad for your kids…for a long time. It means taking care of yourself so you can be a powerful role-model and leader for your employees. It means making your wellness a priority so you can nourish your mental strength and energy and set your professional goals in motion. Those goals may become jobs for others or a charitable foundation for those in need. It means feeding your soul so perhaps you can pour goodness into the soul of another! Yes…I am getting deep here, but you know what guys, sometimes you need to dive a little deep to find the hidden treasure.

For me, my husband and my girls are my greatest why. Yes, I chose to study nutrition and complete my Masters before I had a husband and two children; but, in all honesty, I wasn’t nearly as motivated to put my skills and practice to use until I realized that there was greater purpose behind my decisions...until I realized just how fortunate I was and how much I wanted to protect those gifts.

Today in our home, I intentionally include my girls in the kitchen when cooking or carrying out daily routines like making my green breakfast shake. They help add protein power, spinach, water and ice, and get so energized to turn the blender on and watch it all swirl together. I am so thankful for those moments, and especially when one or both of them actually drinks the shake! My older daughter, Leah, knows the difference between my workout clothes and my normal everyday clothes (although let’s face it sometimes that line is blurry!) If you’re wondering why this important, here’s why. I love that as I get dressed, Leah asks questions about what exercise I am going to do and expresses interest in her own activity as a result of that. Every so often, she joins me on the floor to stretch and “do abs” as she terms it, or she jumps up and down because she is so excited to show me her lunges, sprints and other unique fitness skills!

And let’s chat about Matt! Perhaps you could say he used to be a meat and potatoes kind of guy. If I offered him salad, he’d only eat it if ranch was the dressing. Fish was a stretch. Kale, no way! Vegan, are you nuts?!?! Oh, the good old days! Now, it melts my heart when he dives into a kale salad drizzled with grilled chicken, olive oil and lemon!

But you see, they are my why! They are why I am successful with my goals. And because of them, I am thankful and that feeling of gratitude keeps me going!

So, find your why and set your heart and mind on success! And remember, it may take a few weeks to adjust to a new eating plan and you may be sore for a few weeks as you ramp up your fitness; but mark my words, your why will keep you going and you will be thankful for it!

In good health and much gratitude,


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