World History Semester Review

By: Hannah Dunning

Russian Revolution:

  • Bolsheviks outs the Romanov's
  • Romanoves ruled Russia for 300 years

Henry VIII

  • King of England wanted heir to thrown
  • Started new church


  • Ruler holds total power
  • tied to divine knights and kings

John Locke:

  • Against absolute rule of one person
  • life, liberty, and prosperity

Congress of Vienna

  • Planned to post napoleonic world and rebuilt Europe
  • Created balance of power in Europe

Treaty of Versailles

  • Ended WW1
  • 1918

Industrial Revolution:

  • Began in Great Britian
  • Coal was needed to power steam engines

Martin Luther:

  • Protested the Catholic Church on indulgence
  • 95 thesis

Nicholas Copernicus:

  • Scientist
  • Sun in the center of the universe

How WW1 was fought:

  • trench warfare
  • machine guns

Natural Rights:

  • Life
  • Liberty
  • property