Recycle more!!


The Earth

the earth is very spicial to us we need to keep the recorces on it before they all go! we need to recycle our plasic. Re-use plastic for example we need to recycle it and make it in to pens,clothes,water bottles,boats,and even houses!


What Lights to use?

Use solar powered light to save light bulbs and not have to kill birds when it goes in to the land fill beacuse the birds have to eat too! just like us so when you throw away your lights they probaly break and et in to old food and birds eat it and get sick!

Aluminum cans!

aluminum cans

ever year 100 million aluminum cans are in land fills if we would recycle these people would not get cut in land fills from this. it is a shame to see this happen. they have to get tetnies shots from this! its ashame!!

But Why??


why recycle? well for one it helps people but not only people but animals! It hepls us by saving our money to not buy garbage bags!it helps animals buy to eat the toxic stuff.Also buy not eating sharp this for them to kill them in land fills!