The Great Depression

James Blankenship

History on the Great Depression

The Great Depression was econmic crash. The stock market fail and most of the banks ran out of money. It caused many American people to go hungry and many of them lost their homes. Many had to sell their homes and cars if they had them just to make ends meet. Then World War 2 happend and many people fought. World War 2 created many jobs for people and that is how the Great Depression ended.

Franklen D Roosevelt

He was the president when it all happend. He had a famous saying about it and that was "the only thing we had to fear is fear itself". Many people thought that his new deal ended it but WW2 ended it. FDR's new deal did help some people out.


The Great Depression was in the early 1930's

World War 2 was in the 30's & 40's

FDR's New Deal was in the 30's to help the Great Depression.

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