Advantages and Disadvantages

Module Three Lesson One Practice Activity - Shaughn Williams

Advantages of the Articles of Confederation

  • Written agreement and first constitution of USA.
  • The Congress has the power to deal with foreign affairs and authority to declare war, and make peace, alliance and sign treaties.
  • Congress has power to Native Indian affairs
  • It encouraged coordination and between different states and they can settle disputes between the states.
  • The Department of Treasury, the Department of Postal Service and the Department of Foreign Affairs were established
    Postal service, admiralty court, coin money
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Disadvantages of the Articles of Confederation

  • Their was only one vote per state, regardless of it's size.
  • No power to regulate commerce or trade between the states, each state could put taxes on trade between states.
  • National government didn't have power to tax. Revenue comes from states.
  • Could not force states to obey its laws and taxation was ignored because they could not be enforced.
  • No national army or navy
  • No national courts

One reason you feel the designers created a government with a weak central government.

The designers of the Article of Confederation created a weak central government to eventually replace the government by the U.S Constitution. The articles created a weak central government that had little control of the actions which caused them to not be able to solve internal problems that existed in the United States. The government did not have control of individual state government.