December News

Community Youth Services & Hold On Programs at Baxter School

Making it Through the Month

We are trying several things to make it through the month of December and have some fun.

An adult snack cart has made its rounds.

  • Donut Delivery on November 29, 2022
  • Little Debbie helps in Beating the December Blues- December 2, 2022
  • More to come...

Owl on the Prowl

Owlison has made a stop at Baxter. Some schools have an Elf on the Shelf, but we do things differently at Baxter to have some fun. Owlison is our owl on the prowl. She has been in Mrs. Hobbs window, the Christmas tree, and Mr. Sites office... where will she land next? Next time you are in the building, be on the look-out.

Got an Idea? See Mrs. Hobbs and share them.

25 Ways to be Mindful in December

Pausing and Savoring the Moment

Choose consciously to be present
Change your posture by sitting or standing upright, to signal you are waking up from autopilot and to embody alertness. Take three conscious breaths as a way of taking some inner time out from the momentum of your day.

Allow your experience to be just as it is, without trying to change it or wishing it to be different. Be fully awake and aware of what you are experiencing — ask yourself, what am I experiencing in my mind, emotions and body?

Let things be just as they are. Take a step back and observe how you are relating to your experience without any judgement.

Tune into your senses – sight (you might notice 5 things about the place you are in), hearing, smell, taste and touch. Use your sensory information as a way of bringing you into this present moment. Be aware of the physical sensations of standing or sitting – the weight of the body going into the ground.

Now consciously choose to take this present moment and grounded awareness into the next moments of your day.

Community Youth Services at Baxter School

Mission Statement:

We provide a safe, structured and consistent environment that encourages the growth of all students. We believe that all students have worth, potential and can succeed.

Proveemos un ambiente seguro, estructurado, e estable, cual anime el desarrollo de todos los estudiantes. Todos los estudiantes tienen valor, capacidades, y pueden tener exito.