Beer's Law Lab


Kesmond Willert

Boever- Chemistry

Period 3


Anesthesia- Medicine/Medical. general or local insensibility, as to pain and other sensation, induced by certain interventions or drugs to permit the performance of surgery or other painful procedures.

There are many anesthetics that doctors and anesthesiologists use. However they are limited on what they can use due to patient allergies as well as state and federal laws.

Prerequisite lab information

You are asked to figure out. Did Aunt Elda die due to an overdose of anesthetics during her appendix surgery? The overdose amount is 40%. Now you are suppose to figure it out.

Matireals needed.

  1. green food coloring
  2. graduated cylinder
  3. 5 beakers
  4. 1 pipette
  5. colorimeter
  6. colorimeter test tubes
  7. computer and logger pro programming system
  8. water

Lab Setup

  1. Make solutions using a graduated cylinder, pipette, 5 beakers, water, and a green food coloring mixture.
  2. Measure out 9 parts water 1 part food coloring substance and mix together in beaker. Label it 10%.
  3. Complete this step creating 3 more substances 20%, 30%, 40%. Then let your teacher create a mystery substances the the anesthesiologist used on Aunt Elda.


  1. plug your colorimeter into your computer
  2. Pull up the logger pro program on your computer
  3. fill test tube up and calibrate it to the water used
  4. fill test tube up with each substance and record data using logger pro
  5. draw a line of best fit.
  6. record data.


Using the colorimeter I learned that you only need to calibrate it once to the water. Then this enables you to test all the other substances. Also the colorimeter may not always do the most accurate job but it gets really close. The evidence that supports this is my graph.

(Sorry I would have my graph but I had tech difficulties)


We found that the mystery substance was only 33.8%. Therefore the patient did not die from the concentration of anesthetics. Therefore my hypothesis is that she probably died from an allergic reaction from the drug. Beer's law helps us to solve this mystery because it helps us to determine the concentration of Anesthetics that were given to Aunt Elda.