Talk, Read, Talk, Write


How cancer spreads ?
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Talk #1 - Video

After watching the video and looking at the photo above, talk to your shoulder partner. Discuss the following. How do cancer cells differ from healthy cells? How do cancer cells spread? What do you think causes cancer?

Read: PAT List

  • Emboldened words
  • Main ideas
  • Instant replay questions
  • Graphics

Talk #2: Envelope Please!

Use the baggie/envelope of questions provided to you. Every person in the group should select a question. That will be your question to facilitate. You will ask the question, and give everyone in the group time to respond to that question. Each person will take turns facilitating the question they chose.


Write a brief paragraph (4-5 sentences, please) explaining the regulation of the cell cycle. Be sure to include:

  • the emboldened words you learned
  • why it's important to regulate the cell cycle and the result if it is not regulated
  • what cancer is
  • what a tumor is
  • how cancer cells differ from healthy cells
  • what causes cancer