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February 8th, 2016

A Note from Julie

As we look ahead to EdCamp Northglenn, I hope that we’ll have members of the Digital Literacy Partnership on hand to serve as instructional leaders for our peers in Adams 12 and our guests from other districts. This is a great opportunity to “strut your stuff” because you know so much about the information literacy needs of our students and some of the best strategies for helping them acquire the skills needed for living in an information-rich world. What about sharing some of the excellent strategies and resources that you brought to the table in January during our Digital Literacy Partnership professional learning meeting? You know how to plan instructional units that give students voice and opportunities to demonstrate their understanding through a variety of tech tools. How about sharing that process with others? There are so many possibilities! Also, many thanks to the people who are providing leadership for this new event: Tricia LaRue, Becky Muller, Vanessa Jackson, Vicki Briner, Tiah Frankish, Nick Schuster, and Nathan Wendlowsky.
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EdCamp: February 27th, 8:00 - 3:00

We need the Digital Literacy Partnership to promote the upcoming EdCamp with their staff. Click on the S'more Newsletter that Tricia made to find out more about what an EdCamp is, what it isn't and what you stand to gain by attending. Register at the EventBrite link and if you need credit, on PD Express. workshop - March 5th

Bobbie Basitan, a certified trainer for, will be offering a K-5 workshop Saturday, March 5th, at Bollman Tech. Click here to register. If you are thinking about a coding club, this is the workshop for you! If you are considering special activites for Day or Week of Code, then this is the workshop for you! You will get many resources and ideas! The workshop is now available in PD Express if you would like credit.

Imagine, Create, Invent!


Tell me the story of these little left shoes.


Create a use for these little left shoes.


Invent something with these little left shoes.

Share your ideas here.

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ISTE Overview for Digital Literacy Partners

When is ISTE?
  • June 26 -29, 2016

Where is ISTE?

  • Convention Center, Downtown Denver

What is the cost?

  • ISTE Members- $309
  • Non-Members - $434

Are there scholarships?

  • All Digital Literacy Partners are eligible for a $200 scholarship from the ITLS department. (The balance of the registration fee is due at the time of submitting the registration paperwork.)

How do I register?

  • Fill out the registration form.
  • Return the form to Desiree Lopez at the ESC.
  • The form must have the balance of the registration fee either attached or the correct account code(s) recorded on the registration form.

What is the registration Deadline?

  • April 20th

If you want to re-read the more detailed information, click here to see last week's newsletter.

The Communications Department Wants You!

The communications department is upping Adams 12 social media presence. They want to share the great things that are going on in the schools. So, if you have an interesting project, activity, or event you want to share with the greater community, please send a couple of sentences explaining the event, project etc..(answering who, what, when, where, why) to Pictures or videos would also be great!

METS Scholarship

METS is the DTEA Member Education Training Scholarship (M.E.T.S) and association members can get up to $200. If you need more info email Nadine.

Silver Creek & Leroy Drive Library Visitors Make Valentines for the Troops

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Read Across America: March 2, 2016

This link hooks libraries up with resources for the upcoming event.

Check out this fun way to let folks in your building know where you are! Thanks to Nathan for letting us share this with you!

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