Attend the national SU meeting

Mandatory for all LC EBs

Introducing Project Mitosis!

Wednesday, May 1st, 10pm

This is an online event.

Project Mitosis is a national initiative to start 16 new OEs and SUs

In the last 4 years, AIESEC Mexico has started 12 new LCs of which 5 have converted fully to LC.

It is time to make it easier for universities and students without direct access to an AIESEC LC to start their own operations. This Wednesday we launch an expansion project nationwide! Through the building of Specialized Units and Official Expansions, during Everest we will launch an all new Expansion Summit model, where we will train specifically our SUs and OE members on independent operational models.

Your turn as EB is twofold: 1) understand how SUs are different from OEs and how to make SUs operationally independent and truly increase organizational capacity. 2) To understand university relations with major university systems and collaborate in reporting to them to improve our relations to garner more support in the creation of new units.

Agenda for the day

  1. What are SUs and how to capitalize them?
  2. What is the "project mitosis" about? What will the OD national team do?
  3. How can I participate? What are my benefits as an LC?
  4. Timeline and next steps

Presented by the National Organizational Development Team

Our mission is to *increase the organizational capacity* of AIESEC in Mexico through managing university relations, providing coaching to LCs, starting new OEs and SUs, and measuring health and improving health in local committees.