Fifth Grade At Home Learning

April 13 - April 17, 2020


Make the Easter Alleluia Quilt. The pieces were attached to the email about this newsletter. Make it a family project if you like!! When you finish it, post a picture of it on Edmodo!
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Read an article and answer the questions on each day if possible.

Try to read at least 20 minutes a day and share what you read on Edmodo.

Listen to the chapters of The War I Finally Won and comment on the questions on Edmodo.

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Do SPELLING unit 30.

Answer the question of the day on Edmodo WRITING with complete sentences and proper mechanics.

Do 5 Minute GRAMMAR on Edmodo.


Do IXL math at least three days this week. Multiplying fractions would be a good skill to practice.

Do the math review each day and take the review quiz on Friday on Edmodo.


Watch How Old Is the Earth? on Mystery Science. After watching the bonus Five Wonders of the Earth, share on Edmodo which one you think is most amazing and why.

Mystery Science

Social Studies

Learn more about the U.S. Constitution. On Freedom Flix do Watch It, Read It, and Show What You Know (in menu on the left).

Freedom Flix

It has been brought to my attention that Freedom Flix was asking for a username and password. The link will now take you directly to the Keystone site. Click on Freedom Flix and then scroll through the choices until you find The U.S. Constitution. Please let me know if that doesn't work!!

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Do the exercises and 2 min. plank we always start class with

Heart rate Activity: Different types of tag with family members

Lesson Focus: Eye-hand coordination

Toss and catch by yourself...try different objects

Add a challenge before catching (clap, touch ground)

Play catch with someone


Draw 5 staffs (5 lines), put a treble clef on each one.

See if you can spell these words in notes: face, edge, bead, cage, deaf.


Draw a picture of your family. No stick people! Don’t forget your pets!



Look for the PDF from Mrs. Heinrichs that was attached to my email.

Photo Challenge

Compose and post a picture based on one of the books that I read to you for Book-A-Day. To remember the names of books read, click here. It will help you to make your guesses too. Post your photo on Edmodo and label it Photo Challenge. The rest of us will reply to your photo with guesses of which book it is. An example is below. I will post another photo on Edmodo to give you another example. Have fun with it!!
What book title is this? Look at the book titles and see if you can figure it out BEFORE you look at the answer. Click on the photo for the answer.
At the end of the week, do the Week in Review on Seesaw!
As always, if you have any questions or need help with anything, please do not hesitate to email me!! Continue to post comments and pictures on Edmodo too. I love hearing from you!! If you haven't been able to get on Edmodo, email me, and I can send you your username and password. We will get through this. Do what you can and enjoy being with your family!! I miss you and look forward to seeing you soon!!

Mrs. Worden

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