Welcome to Aphrodite-Ethreal

By : Azariyah Burke , Alana Martinez

Welcome to Aphrodite-Ethreal

Our Flag

Our flag represents love that is out of this world
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Welcome to the country of Aphrodite- Ethreal

The size of our country is a large sized island off the Bahamas. Our terrain consists of rivers, lakes, Mountains, and is surrounded by the ocean. Aphrodite- Ethreal has a population of 43 million people. Our primary language is English but you have the option to learn another language in elementary school. With our educational requirements we provide you to go to elementary, middle, and high school. You can drop out at the age of 16 but must go into the military. Boys 2 years, girls 1 year. if you graduate from high school boys and girls serve 1 year in the military but when you get out , we will provide you a free ticket to go to college, with any college of your choice. Health care is very cheap because of the taxes our citizens pay. Everyone will be able to retire at 65 if you're extremely ill or have a bad disease you may be eligible to retire at a younger age. Everyone has to pay 46% of their salary to taxes to the government.

Six Freedoms

  1. Freedom of speech
  2. Freedom to be a homosexual
  3. Freedom of expression
  4. Freedom to speak your mind
  5. Freedom of religion


  1. Murder
  2. Going against your country
  3. Stealing
  4. Doing DRUGS


Direct democracy. We chose direct democracy because we feel that citizens should be involved in the day-to-day work of governing the country. We felt that the other types of government would not work for our country because we thought that not one person should be in control or the citizens have all control over our country. We thought it was best that citizens can have control over who they want to be in their government but the government is in charge of lawmaking and what is best for our country. Our leaders will be picked in the future by votes of our citizens every five years and you can be reelected only twice before you have to give up your place in ruling to someone else, who which is elected by the citizens.

System of government

Aphrodite- Ethreal has a unitary system of government. We chose a unitary system because local governments get to manage the issues in their area but the national government determines their powers. Also taxes are determined by the national government which means that we can make things like taxes fair in all states in our country, and the national government makes the decisions on major law-making which means that the government has complete control over important laws and makes sure that important laws that should be made are made.


Our type of ecosystem is Socialism. We chose socialism because we feel that with socialism our society will be more fair and just. With socialism we would be able to redistribute wealth so that we can eliminate the gap between poor and rich. With people paying a little less than 50 percent of their income in taxes the government will be able to provide people with free or cheap health care, education, and retirement benefits. We felt that the other type of economy systems would not work for us because we think that our citizens should have freedom and to not always be told what to do, we also felt that it was not fair that only the smartest and best ideas were successful, everyone should have a chance to be successful.
There are many fun things to do in our country. There are things like water parks, amusement parks, playgrounds, pools, trails, arcades, sports attractions, and many more. You can have much fun at these places and everyone one is allowed to go, kids, teens, and adults.