The Global Issue

Kierra West & Ciane Mckelvy 11E

Global Population

The global population has risen dramatically as the years have passed. There are 7 billion people on this earth and the number continues to increase.
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Global Warming

As the global population increases so does the global warming crisis. As more people continue to be born, the earth has to work harder to produce enpugh natural resources for the population.
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Given: World Population is too high

  1. World Population is too high
  2. World Population right now is about 7 billion people
  3. As the world's population increases, the need for resources increase and there are more people than resources
  4. Global warming is the gradual increase in global temperature
  5. Therefore, the increase in population is causing global warming to increase
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As we can clearly see, the correlation between the global population and the total carbon emissions, which are very obviously the result of the increased temperature in the Earth's atmosphere, greatly increase together over the years.
TWO-MINUTE TALKING POINT - What does population growth mean for climate change? by Laurie Goering