The War of 1812

Native American Attack

Americans had violated the treaty of Greenville and moved into Indian territory. British troops were still in western forts and armed Indians to attack Americans. Battle of Tippecanoe led to Indian leader Tecumseh to fled to Canada.

2 Battle Region/Battle during the War of 1812

Battle of baltimore

British navy tried to attack baltimore but were stopped at fort mchenry. Francis scott key was inspired by the battle to write what became the "star spangled banner" which became are national anthem.

Battle of New Orleans

Britain wanted to capture new orleans and Mississippi river to cut off trades. Battle made Jackson a national hero. Andrew jackson also led the american army to defeat the British army.

4 Effects of the War of 1812

Economy: Factories grew during the war.

Politics: William harrison and Andrew Jackson became heros

Foreign Relations: International respect america became world power.

Culture: Era of good feelings, America entered a period of nationalism.