Customer Service At Friendly's

Where Ice Cream Makes The Meal!


Friendly's was established in 1935 by the Blake Brothers. This family friendly restaurant has upgraded from just ice cream, to a full menu with burgers, salads, and yes, ice cream.

The [Expected] Experience

Friendly's wants make sure to keep it just like the title says. They promise a smile and a greeting when you enter. Their staff can recommend items from our menu, but nothing beats ice cream. Like any place of business, They have a clean and safe atmosphere. There are have several locations in the North East with a few reaching the southern states, and hope to expand. They strive to have a unique food experience, and hope you enjoy the meal, be it ice cream or otherwise.


Like any restaurant with several locations, there are different experiences due to the variety of staff and attitudes. In my personal experience, I have had great service. I have eaten at over five Friendly's restaurants in the Springfield area, so I do not say that lightly.

Others, however, haven't had the same luck.

One of the biggest complaints is that the wait for the ice cream window is far too long, and the customers who have waited almost half an hour are not even acknowledged. Another was about the quality of the service, or the quality of the food. On one website 19 out of 28 reviews were one star. This shows that the chain needs work on their consistency.

These reviews, along with their files for bankruptcy, has negatively affected their business by pushing customers away. They have had to close over a hundred stores, and are working their way out of debt by trying to improving the menu and the service.