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Jill Stein on gun Control

Gun Control

Stein argues that the US should look to other countries such as Australia, which is just as much of a gun culture as America, when searching for great examples of dealing with the issue of gun control: "In 1995 when they passed limits on automatic weapons [implemented] background checks, and actually did a buyback of dangerous automatic and semiautomatic weapons--they have not had a single mass shooting ever since. And the rates of ordinary gun violence dropped by half. They have saved $500 billion per year. It has not been a slippery slope in Australia." www.ontheissues.org She is right because if people keeping getting checked for weapons it would be a lot saver and no crazy shooting or etc. will happen but sometimes guns are needed to protect yourselves at all cost no matter. what because you also have to think about safety as well because most people die because they can not defend themselves then it ends up them getting shot getting their life away from their family.

The enviroment

For the first time in history, the Green Party of the United States (GPUS) is establishing an animal-rights committee to help bring animal issues to the national political stage. In a vote of 67-14, the GPUS National Committee passed a proposition authorizing the historic animal welfare agency that will serve to inform and advise Green Party candidates and officeholders on animal issues. "Animals have inadequate protection by local, state, and federal law," the proposition detailed. www.ontheissues.org She is right because these animals need to be protected because everything is not safe in the environment if we have a nice clean environment then all animals will be safe and be with family and don't have to worry about being in danger.


STEIN: We would do something revolutionary. We would actually use science to determine which drugs are dangerous and which ones are not. That means right off the bat marijuana and hemp are removed from the list of dangerous substances because these are not dangerous substances in relation to other unregulated substances including nicotine and alcohol. We would start with the legalization of marijuana and transform the drug system from a criminal system to a public health system. If people have issues of dependency which would apply to legal drugs as well as illegal drugs including alcohol, tobacco, marijuana and heavier drugs they need to be treated within the public health system. These are psychological problems not criminal problems. If you don't treat the problem it only aggravates it and compounds it with issues of public safety and criminal violence that are associated with the illegal drug culture.www.ontheissues.org she is right because legal weed would be the right thing in America so this way it can help the people that have cancer so they can smoke medical weed and calm them down.