Teach at MSD Wayne Township

You can help change lives for the better

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You as a Teacher

Change the lives of future generations. Provide young minds with knowledge and power to become contributors of society and critical thinkers. Help make thoughts and dreams become realities. Teach students important content by mastering that content and then finding the best ways to pass on that knowledge to others.

The Learners

Wayne Township is a K-12 district, so you have a variety of ages and grades to choose from when it comes to educating. Lead a class of diverse learners to help incorporate a variety of viewpoints and content into their young minds. Integrate technology appropriately with their age group and content. Help them become prepared for the future and learn how to use technology responsibly to make their lives easier.

The Curriculum

Wayne Township is a public school district, so federal and state standards are what you will be creating your lesson plans around. Ultimately, it's up to your supervisors what you teach and ensure is taught. As of right now, Math is the highest passing rate subject and Science, Reading/Writing, and History have about 75% passing rates. Those subjects may become a higher priority than before in the classrooms now.

The School/Classroom

Wayne Township's Mission Statement: The mission of the Metropolitan School District of Wayne Township, a partnership of students, staff, families, and community, is to ensure all students acquire and apply knowledge, skills, processes, and values, to become lifelong learners and contributors in a democratic society through a comprehensive program of outstanding quality which enables them to develop their potential.

The District/Community

Wayne Township is very blessed to have such a supportive community. One supportive program is H.O.S.T.S. This stands for Help One Student to Succeed. Citizens from the community volunteer an hour each week to help students improve their literacy skills. This shows a lot of great things from the community and you'll have some extra help with reading/writing content.
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