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January 8, 2021

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Skyward Family Access

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Two Weeks Left In The Second Quarter

We had a great return to school this week! Everyone got right back into the swing of things and got back to work. Let's have a great finish as we wind down to the end of the second quarter.

  • Check Skyward Family Access for missing assignments and assessments.
  • Any incomplete assessments must be completed in order to earn a grade in the standard. Without evidence of learning, we cannot give a grade.
  • Recent assessments may be retaken or redone in order to show mastery. This must be arranged with the teacher by the student.
  • Grades represent the most recent level of mastery of standards. They are not an average of scores over the quarter.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email or call your child's teacher. We want to finish the first half of the year strong!

Grade Definitions

Below is a reminder of what the grade descriptors you see in the gradebook mean:

  • M (Mastering)- The student meets current grade-level standards and expectations. They can consistently perform what is expected.
  • P (Progressing)- The student meets many/most of current grade-level standards, but still need to demonstrate proficiency or consistency in some.
  • B (Beginning)- The student meets some/few grade-level expectations and still needs to demonstrate proficiency or consistency in many.
  • INC (Incomplete)- The assessment was not completed, therefore there is no way to assess whether or not the student meets the standard. The assessment must be completed.
  • C (Completed)- This grade mark indicates that a practice assignment was completed. We do not grade practice in order to allow students are able to make mistakes and learn without penalty. We do provide students with feedback about their learning. The "C" is simply a way to record whether or not an assignment was completed.

Let's Do Our Part!

Please help keep students in our buildings, athletes in their sports, and everyone healthy by doing the following:

  • Wear a mask when out and about
  • Physical distance of at least 6 feet
  • Wash/sanitize your hands
  • Sanitize frequently touched surfaces
  • Do not attend large gatherings
  • Stay home if you are sick.

We all have to work together to stay safe and stay in school.

The Golden Raider- Mr. Haag

On December 22nd, Taylor Vogel, 6th grader at LB Clarke passed on the 9th #GoldenRaider to Mr. Haag. Taylor recognized Mr. Haag because he spreads kindness throughout the building, does the little things like waving to them and saying hi in the hallways, and for bringing happiness to school. Taylor also mentioned that Mr. Haag's class is so much fun to be in! Congratulations, Mr. Haag!

#werTR #LBCistheplacetobe

9th Golden Raider

The Golden Raider- Paige Jeske

The 10th #GoldenRaider has been passed to Paige Jeske, 8th grader at LB Clarke! Mr. Haag passed the #GoldenRaider to Paige because he couldn't think of a more deserving student at Clarke who is a hard-working student who puts forth more than what is asked of her on a daily basis. Paige always has a smile on her face and is a responsible young adult. Congratulations, Paige! We are proud of you!

#GoldenRaider #werTR #LBCistheplacetobe

10th Golden Raider
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Athletics Update

Girls Basketball

Opens the season on Tuesday with games at home against Sheboygan Falls:

  • 7th grade will play two games at Koenig- 4 pm
  • 8th Grade will play one game at Clarke- 4 pm

Both teams play again on Thursday against Sheboygan Horace Mann at Clarke

  • 7th grade will start at 4 pm
  • 8th grade will follow at 5 pm (ish)


The swim team had a meet last Tuesday in Chilton. L.B. Clarke took 2nd place and had a great first swim meet of the year!

They will swim again on Thursday, January 14th at Valders- 4:30 pm. No spectators will be allowed. A Youtube link will be available.

Wrestling Open Mat Schedule:

See the school website for dates and times.

Congratulations, December SWAG Students!

December SWAG

From Your Student Services Team:

Strategies to Make Homework Go More Smoothly

Happy New Year Everyone! When I was young, staying up late to count down from 10 and watch the infamous ball drop was a treasured treat. Not often did my parents allow us kids to stay up that late. Now as a parent, my kids still get excited to stay up late and see the ball drop even though they are in high school or out of the house. There is just something about the excitement of a new year. We can put the old year behind us and plan for a new one. To this day we still make New Year’s resolutions. I think many families do. We try to focus on how we can be better. Better at doing our chores/jobs, better at being a friend, better at walking the dog, going to church, reading, losing weight and the list could go on. Does this sound familiar in your house? One thing I am focusing on this year is strategies to help me make homework go better for my children without me constantly nagging. The past year has been a struggle with consistency for one of my children.

I really like the Child Mind Institute web page. It has a ton of great articles on a wide variety of important topics. Peg Dawson, EdD, NCSP summarized one of the best guides she has seen on helping kids do homework successfully. It was published by the National Association of School Psychologists on their website, NASPonline.org. I would like to summarize briefly what the article stated.

Homework Routines:

Step 1. Find a location in the house where homework will be done. The right location depends on your child and the culture of the family.

Step 2. Set up a homework center. Once you and your child have identified a location, fix it up as a home office/homework center.

Step 3. Establish a homework time. Your child should get in the habit of doing homework at the same time every day. The time may vary depending on the individual child.

Step 4. Establish a daily homework schedule. In general, at least into middle school, the homework session should begin with your sitting down with your child and drawing up a homework schedule. Personally, we had to do this with one of my children in high school.

The article then describes how children may not be motivated by good grades alone and how parents will need to look for other rewards to help them get through their homework. The article talked briefly about Incentive systems, and how they fall into two categories: simple and elaborate. The article then provides steps to develop incentives.

Developing Incentive Systems:

Step 1. Describe the problem behaviors. Parents and children decide which behaviors are causing problems at homework time.

Step 2. Set a goal. Usually the goal relates directly to the problem behavior.How can parents help?

Step 3. Decide on possible rewards and penalties. Homework incentive systems work best when children have a menu of rewards to choose from.

Step 4. Write a homework contract. The contract should say exactly what the child agrees to do and exactly what the parents’ roles and responsibilities will be.

For more information and other helpful tips read this article and some other amazing articles at Child Mind Institute.

Mr. Dahl- Two Rivers High School Counselor

Parents of Two Rivers Band and Choir Students: 5th grade through High School

Do you love that your children love to perform music? (Yes, even percussionists)

Do you want to help your preteens/teens to love performing music even more?

We are looking for a brand new group of dedicated parents to promote this love of music throughout our district. We have so many talented musicians that enjoy making music at every grade level in our schools. Our small, but devoted group of teachers and parents just want to help them continue to have this love and eventually maybe even become life-long musicians, but we need your help.

We need a chorus or ensemble of parents to help:

  • Basses/Bass Guitars: Help a little and support our TR musicians with our yearly fundraisers by purchasing and/or selling fundraising items.

  • Tenors/Tenor Saxes: Help a little more and volunteer your time with concessions, music programs, fundraising order pick-ups and many other small but important music related needs.

  • Altos/Alto Clarinets/: Help quite a bit more and join our board in an executive position or as a valued team member at Covid-Free Zoom meetings from the comfort of your own home. Help planning our fundraisers, band and choir trips, supporting the band and choir teachers, drumming up volunteers as well as many other great ways of promoting music in our schools.

Please Join Us Now - All we need is your contact information to begin:

If you are ready to join our chorus and learn more about the TR Music Boosters Organization, please contact Nathan Ehle {PR Chair} or either of the Clarke band and choir directors: Brandon Meulbroek or Erin LaFond, or either of the TRHS band and choir directors: Mariah Honeck and Shannon Meulbroek.
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