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It is barley used in its pure form and can be found in other minerals and gold. If you absorb 0.01 milligrams of Tellurium you get Tellurium Breath, Or you smell of garlic for months. It is a very brittle crystal and can easily be smashed with a hammer. And interestingly enough its conductivity increases when it is exposed to light. And it has dozens of radioactive isotopes. It is a nonflammable crystal. Its atomic number is 52 and its mass number is 127. Its symbol on the periodic table is Te which comes from the first two letters in Tellurium. It has a high Melting and boiling point, the melting point is 722.66 Kelvin, and its boiling point is 1261 Kelvin.
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His name was Franz Joseph Muller Von Reichenstein. He discovered it in a mineral, and in gold. He did investigation on the element to find out what it actually was. He officially discovered it in 1783 in Romania.