Saying "please" and "thankyou"

By Cabell Graves

History and Relevance

Today, we are constantly using these two expressions to express gratitude to others. We were stressed this as children and one day will stress the importance of this to our children. It is used so commonly that when it isn't used people take it as personally offensive.

"Please" is short for "if you please." But, the literal meaning is "you are under no obligation to do this", which is something people usually don't know. "Thank you" means that "I will remember what you did for me." Its surprising to know the original meanings of these expressions.

These sayings gained popularity in the 16th and 17th century and have carried on into the present. The habit of expressing gratitude this way has become engrained in us so that it is our main way to prove morale.



  • You should say it when someone completes a favor for you
  • You should say it when asking something of someone
  • You should frequently use this phrase to express gratitude


  • Along with the phrase you should smile
  • you should say please before thankyou

Selected Rule: Along with the phrase you should SMILE