Beasley Weekly Bulletin

Week of 05/02/2016

Interesting Washington Post Article

Hello Beasley Professionals:

I read a very interesting article about why teachers really do not feel appreciated. What I have learned is that gifts, praise, treats, and flattery are nice but that is really not what teachers want. What teachers want is to be respected as professionals and experts in the field of teaching. Teachers are underpaid and need decent pay, to have a true voice in schools, and to have decent funding in schools to address what always inevitably happens...CHANGE. Whether it is changes with the learning standards, students, testing, technology and etc. Teachers need support.

I wanted you to know that I am very reflective and I do listen because there is always something that can be learned. I always see myself too as a teacher and a learner. Overall, real teacher appreciation is reflected by action--not flattery and I know that is what you want to see!

What I have done to make sure that you have a true voice in Beasley is that our proposed CIWP Strategic Priority Goal #1 is based upon your input.

If we promote a customized restorative justice model program based upon our Beasley Bottom Line Framework (Culture of Achievement, Culture of Respect, Culture of Safety) as a restorative approach to discipline, behavior, and social/emotional learning; then the instructional core improves with the implementation of the following: 1) Quarterly Second Step professional development training for teachers, staff, and parents (PAC) to address discipline and the social/emotional development for improved classroom management and relational trust; 2) Service Learning (volunteerism) for improved student activism, values, ethics, socially conscious living, local issues and global issues, 3) Positive Behavioral Incentives to reward students when they adhere to our framework, 4) Consequences that redirect students unwanted behaviors, and 5) Added community partnerships that will help to provide supplemental social/emotional services.

Student Attendance Initiative

Our goal is to achieve 97% student attendance for our SQRP. A special thanks goes to our teachers who have planned field trips for the months of May and June.


What I am asking teachers to do is to let students and parents know that for the 4th quarter that students are required to come to school for their participation grade in all subjects. Outside of medical reasons, students are expected to come to school and that we will include participation grades for attending school. This could be very helpful for students who may fell short of a higher grade. We will track students attendance progress and we propose to assist teachers in entering the grades in GradeBook. We would like to meet with the PPC first to make sure that we get the appropriate input (teacher voice) first before implementing this strategy.

Grade Preference Sheets

AP Turnbow (3rd-8th/SPED) and AP Haynes (PreK-2nd/Resource) have been delegated to find out what grades you are interesting in teaching for the next school year. Please let them know what grades you are interested in teaching by Friday, May 6.

Open Transfer Period to Other Schools 04/7/2016 - 05/30/2016

Under the CTU collective bargaining agreement, teachers may transfer effective next school year without the consent of their current principal only when the Talent Office receives the transfer request signed by the receiving principal between April 7th 2016 and ends May 30th 2016.

GradeBook Entry

There have been concerns expressed about the District's directive of 2-3 grades per week. At this time, all that I ask is that teachers enter a grade weekly so that parents have some information about their child's progress. Waiting until the last minute or late grade entry is problematic.

Mother/Son Painting Party Brunch

Beasley will be hosting its very first Mother/Son event on Saturday, May 14th. If students bring RSVPs to you, please place them in Ms. Hickman's mailbox.

Have a Great Work Week!