Digital Etiquette

The electronic standards of conduct or procedure

What is important to know about appropriate behaviour before using technology tools?

Some important things you need know about the behavior online is the risks. Some risks that are really important is cyber bullying, scams , hacks or even identity fraud. If your somebody that has never been on social media those are some thing to think about. And even if you are on social media its still important to think about.

The benifits on the rules on digital etiquette.

Sometimes rules and requirements are created, or the technology is simply banned to stop inappropriate use online. Even with rules online the society online decide not to follow them, but we have to make sure we are responsible with the rules. Always remember to be aware of your surrounding and be careful on what you do and say online.

  • Why do people not know about digital etiquette?
  • What are the risks of digital etiquette?
  • What does " becoming responsible digital citizens in this new society?"
  • Then how should people act online?
  • Why is it that people's personalities change online?