EVERYONE CODES: Computer Science Edu Week- Dec. 5-9, 2016

Follow these steps for a Successful CS (Computer Science) Week for you and your students!

Step 1: Computer Science Week Videos & Vocabulary!

Share these videos and the Key Vocabulary with your class everyday this week!

Monday: https://youtu.be/KsOIlDT145A

Tuesday: https://youtu.be/ip051U7Rvds

Wednesday: https://www.flocabulary.com/unit/coding/video/

Thursday: https://www.flocabulary.com/unit/coding-algorithms/video/

Friday: School Video (coming soon!)

Note: Make sure you sign in with your Flocab Account Info to view the videos for Wednesday and Thursday.

Need more options? Don't forget you can check out this website!

Step 2: Use the Greenspoint CSEW Website and the Hour of CODE resources in your classroom!

All students and staff are invited to learn how to CODE this week and beyond using our campus webmix. Here you and your students will find there class and individual CODE website.

When should you use this? During intervention or add it as a small group during instruction!

Link to our class CODE website: https://www.symbaloo.com/mix/gpecodes

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Need your student SECRET CODE Cards?

Go to this link to access your student cards.

Step 3: Record how often your class CODES HERE!

Remember the amount of time you spend in class 'TALKING CODE', not only encourages your students to want to explore computer science but also earns your class PRIZES!!! Please go HERE to let Mrs. Glass know how much time your students are coding daily!
Use this sheet to track your class CODE times

Please make a copy of this sheet and share with Mrs. Glass. Make sure to give this to the rotation teachers. There is a hard copy in your mailbox. Remember the class that "TALKS CODE" the most this week will earn a PRIZE!

Step 4: IMPORTANT! MUST READ! Action Required!!!!!

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In order for our school to get credit for participating in Computer Science Education Week, the Instructional technology Department is requiring that we share images and videos capturing our students experiences. If you see a child coding, "Talking CODE", having fun, etc. Please snap a pic and share it with Mrs. Glass. You can use the Bingo card below for additional ideas!!! You know I have prizes for the educator you shouts out their class the MOST!!!! Must be code related.

You can email images to Mrs. Glass daily, share them via our campus Google + community, or tweet them out!!! Use #GPcodes and most importantly #CS4Aldine. You can also tag Mrs. Glass on Twitter: @SVicGlass

Final Step: Need the certificate for the HOUR of CODE for your students?

Click here to print out each student a certificate! A hard copy has been placed in your box as well. Please make sure that EVERY child in your class gets a certificate by Friday!

Need anything?

Contact your iTech, Shaina Glass