Jarid Jernigan 2/Ms.Green


The Desert

The sun in every food web is the most important role or thing in it it provides energy for everything in it. It creates energy for the plant so that it would live it is the only producer besides the sun in this food web the grass hopper eats off the plant it is also the primary consumer the frog later comes along to feed off the grass hopper the frog is also just a consumer the snake get its energy from the form and the snake is a secondary consumer and the top of this food web eats the snake and it's a consumer and in till something bigger than it to eat it the hawk gets to live

How humans are Impacting the Desert

Humans have been drilling holes for natural resources and hunting unique animals that to this day are already extinct because of us we have been polluting the environment and harming the things that live there but we have done some good things such as bring more people to live in such desert like places and we have discovered all types of new thing we have took thousands of pounds of sand from the deserts to spread it to other places so there are the negative impact and positive impacts on the deserts.