Boys and girls teams

Imagine a girl named Stacy she is the only girl on her hockey team. Stacy is not that talented, or big, her coach never plays her, and when she does she never even touches the puck. Stacy goes home and never wants to play a sport again. Now imagine Stacy is your daughter. Integrating boys and girls in contact sports would result in injuries and is unnecessary. Once boys reach puberty it is unfair for boys to compete against girls in contact sports because of there size and coaching. "Due to male hormone androgen boys develop more muscle mass per unit volume of body mass than girls" (Woman's Sports Foundation). This could cause serious injuries to when a boy impacts a girl hard and could give the boy on the other team a big advantage. "Also some coaches on the boys side will not play girls equally, or if the girl is not talented she will not get the playing time and coaching needed to develop" (USA Hockey). This could hurt a girls self esteem, make them not want to play sports and overall do nothing good for them. Girls playing on boys teams is also unnecessary because girls have benefits of playing on there own team. "All female teams and associations will have sports directors, managers and coaches focused on the specific need of a female player" (USA Hockey). This could make a girl feel more comfortable and help get the right coaching they need which would lead to the playing and enjoying the sport more. "There are now pro full contact football leagues for woman such as the national all woman's football league and the international all woman football league" (Woman's Sports Foundation). This gives them a better chance of playing professionally at there own level. However some select few woman who can compete with or against men this topic should not be applied to you. But for most keeping men and woman separate on contact sports teams and at their own level of play is the is the best option for keeping people safe physically and mentally . This would help players self esteem for playing with players they are equal to and to have them more interested in the sport. If we continue then millions of girls will continue to drop out, and not enjoy sports at a young age. Talk to your friends and spread the word about this problem.