It surrounds the Earth

The Atmosphere

The Earth has five atmospheric layers. There is the troposphere, stratosphere, mesosphere, thermosphere (the ionosphere is in side this part of the atmosphere), and the exosphere. The troposphere is where we live, play, and breath. The stratosphere contains the ozone layer, which is very important because it absorbs the harsh sunlight. In the mesosphere, meteors burn up and the air is very thin. The thermosphere has molecules of nitrogen and oxygen that take the sun's energy, so the atmosphere will be cold. The ionosphere allows long distance communication. The exosphere is the last layer and also combines with space. No one knows where the exosphere ends.

The troposphere is more than seventy-five percent of the atmosphere. The stratosphere is where most of the clouds and rain is. The mesosphere goes up to about eighty kilometers above the Earth. In the thermosphere the air is very thin and it contains the ionosphere. The last layer, the exosphere, begins at 480 kilometers above Earth and goes out into space. The atmosphere is a barrier against meteors, asteroids, and comets. It also keeps us from burning up in the day and from freezing in the night.

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