JISD Library Services Newsletter

November 2020

Library Services Strategic Planning

Mission & Vision Statement

Thanks to a group of JISD librarians, we have started our Library Services Strategic Planning. This month, we started with our mission & vision statements. We have high aspirations for our libraries in JISD!

Thank you to Mariya Ortiz, Katrina Simmons, Claire St. Pierre, Jennifer George, and Nikki Polk for helping to create these statements!

Our Mission Statement

Just-in-Time Champion, providing resources, books, and information at the point of user’s need.

Instructional Champions providing curriculum & pedagogical expertise.

Support Champion providing collaboration & coaching for administrators, teachers, parents, & students.

Devoted Intellectual Freedom Champion (the Right to Read, Intellectual Property, digital citizenship, access to information, and privacy).

Our Vision Statement

The JISD Libraries creates equitable community spaces that foster empathy and encourage continual self-directed learning. We empower the voice of the individual and promote a society of responsible, resourceful, and discerning world citizens.

JISD Battle of the Books Update

Re-Imagined Battle of the Books 2020

Over one hundred sixth grade students from all five of our middle schools participated in the Re-Imagined Battle of the Books. These students would have participated with their team to represent their elementary school in April, but we all know what happened. The top 40 will be going on to Round 2 beginning November 3rd, and the Championship Round will be the week of November 9th. The winner will be announced on Wednesday, November 18th in a Zoom meeting!

Battle of the Books 2021

The 2021 5th Grade Battle of the Books Competition will be held in April, and out of an abundance of caution and preparedness, it will be virtual. Just as the Re-Imagined Battle, we will be using the Kahoot! challenge. We will keep everyone posted on the status of the competition as the date nears.

To see the list of titles, click HERE

JISD Library Programs in Action!

Pop-Up Library @ JHS

October was Pop-Up Library Month at the Judson HS Library. BecauseJHS is limiting hallway traffic due to social distancing concerns, our library foot traffic has also been limited. So, in the vein of Biblioburro and the WPA Librarians on Horseback of the 1930s, Mrs. Ortiz has taken the library to the readers with a pop-up library in the hallways. On October 15th, she even popped up at the Judson HS vs. Clemens HS football game. Students, staff, and parents were able to check out books right from the Judson HS Library Booth at Rutledge Stadium. We even had one happy grandmother posting about her granddaughter's excitement over checking out a book at a football game. The other advantage of the pop-up library is that we've seen more staff requests for books this year than ever before. Our admin team is even using positive peer pressure to encourage one another to checkout and read new books this year. JHS Academic Trainer for Math and Science, Daisy Vasquez, is definitely the administrator to watch. She has not only read 4 books in October, but she's also posting about her reading life on Facebook. She even shouts out that she finished Gary Schmidt's Orbiting Jupiter in half a day. In just over a week, we've checked out three more copies of that book to teachers who she book talked that book with. Way to read / Way to lead, Ms. Vasquez!
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Lunch & Learn @ KHMS

What are you doing during lunch? Did you know that Mrs. Colwell is holding a "Lunch & Listen" each week for each grade?? Students and staff can bring their lunch to the library and listen to a read aloud, book talk, and more! If you love books, we want to see you! Tuesdays: 11:10-11:40 (6th grade) Wednesdays & Thursdays 12:30-1:00 (7th/8th grade depending on their lunch)

World Read Aloud Day @ Copperfield

This month, Copperfield Librarian Nikki Polk and her 1st, 2nd, and 4th-grade classes participated in the Global Read Aloud.

First and 3rd graders listened to the story Alma and How She Got Her Name by Juana Martinez-Neal. After a discussion on our names, 1st grade wrote their names in straws and 3rd grade put their name to music in Google’s Music Lab. We shared our creations on a Padlet with schools around the world.

4th grade listened to the chapter book Indian No More by Charlene Willing and Traci Sorell and reflected on chapters.

Scary Stories @ Elolf & Spring Meadows

At Spring Meadows, the school held a Goosebumps Spooky Tales event where teachers read their favorite spooky stories to the students. Ms. Bronson and Ms. Jandt-Everts carried this over into the last two weeks of October during the students' library time at both Elolf and Spring Meadows as we discussed this genre. The lower grades read Creepy Carrots, Creepy Pair of Underwear, The Hallo-Wiener, and Huey, Dewey, and Louie Meet the Witch. We created our own creepy fruit or vegetable as well as other activities for each story. The older grades heard some shaggy dog ghost stories and created our own with spooky Mad-libs. We also learned about legends in literature, such as The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, and discussed more recent urban legends and spooky tales. A great time was had by all!


October was a busy month for Hopkins Elementary! We had our Online Book Fair, our Storybook Pumpkin Patch filling the halls, the Spurs Reading Challenge Kickoff, and the first two meetings of the Creative Craft Crew! Several First and Second-grade classes also had fun completing a directed drawing along with our read-aloud of Dandy, a Texas 2x2 Book.
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Reading Woke @ VMHS

VMHS students, teachers, and administrators are reading woke again in 2020! Mrs. Thompson gave away the first Read Woke t-shirt this year to a Freshman student, Marcos. Mrs. Monica Borrego, assistant principal, is our first Patriot Page-Turner! The Patriot Page-Turners will be VMHS faculty members that would like to give recommendations of Woke books to our students.

To learn more about Read Woke, click on the image below. Happy Reading!

Learning to Share

Vlogging in the Library by Stephanie Galvan Russell

Two of our middle school librarians, Gina Lehman from Kirby and Andrea Colwell from Kitty Hawk, attended Stephanie Galvan Russell's presentation on Vlogging in the Library, offered by Region 13's Library Services Department on October 13th. Below is a summary of what they learned.

What is Vlogging? Put simply, it’s a blog with video. There are so many ways to use this: teacher tutorials, student tutorials, library lessons, book talks, book reviews, tech tips, the list is really endless. You don’t like to be on camera? Well, as Stephanie said, students NEED to see YOU!! Vlogging is really not hard. Stephanie suggests 4 tips to think about when creating a video: 1) What will you talk about? 2) Why should anyone care? 3) Who are you talking to (talking to children is different than adults. 4) What are you going to say? You don’t need fancy software-she uses Screencastify. You do need somewhere to house the videos such as YouTube or Google Drive. She even created a Canvas Course for tutorials. Follow her on social media: @lispylibrarian.

All of our district librarians continually attend various professional development opportunities to learn new ideas and share new resources with our teachers and students.

JISD Book Fairs

Veterans Memorial - October 26 - November 6

Olympia - October 26 - November 8

Escondido - October 26 - November 13

Kitty Hawk - November 2 - November 15

Librarians are Campus Canvas Champions!

Lead Librarian

If you have questions, suggestions, or concerns, please contact Lead Librarian, Pamela Thompson. We appreciate your support.