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The life of Saturn .

Saturn is the root of the English word " saturday ". You can see this planet with a naked eye . It has 62 known moons . The atomoshere is divided into clouds the top layer is mostly ice and then below it is a mixture of ice and water .The weather is very strong winds , and very strong storms. The tempture goes up to 270 degrees that changes the deeper into the planet . Living on the summer on of Saturn is 8 Earth years and a year on Saturn is 10.759.22 days. Living on Saturn will a be very long hot day. The size of Saturn is so small that it could fit inside The Sun! The distance between Sun and Saturn is 890,700,000 miles and the distance between Saturn and Neptune is 77 million km.

Cool things about Saturn!

It takes 30 years to rotate on time (very slow ). And it takes 29 year to have it's One myth about the planet Saturn is that the planet was named after a Romen god Saturn meaning the good of argricture and the harvest . Saturn is made up entirely of hydrogen and helium. No one has ever landed on Saturn but NASA & Apollo spacecraft has flown by a couple times . The planet closer to saturn is Uranus and the distance is 9.6 AU .Saturn has four main groups of rings . SATURN is 1.2 kilometers from the EARTH .

Interesting Facts ...

  • The mass of this planet is 568.3 kg
  • It is the 6 th planet from the sun .
  • It is the farthest planet from the earth .
  • Nearly 1,600 saturns could fit inside the sun .
  • A year on saturn is 10,759.22 dayS.
  • A SUMMER on saturn is 8 earth years .