Hawaii's Endangered Animals

Monk seal

Some interesting facts about the Monk Seal is it can weigh up to 375-450 lbs. Usually females weigh more. The Hawaiian Monk Seal can grow up to 7.0-7.5 feet, the originally the color of the monk seal is grey with a blend of a light creamy color. These seals like to lay in the sand and just let the sun light seek in.


The monk seals of Hawaii usually stay at the ocean boarders of the United States. Some places you might be able to see them at are Kure Atloi, Midways Islands, Pearl and Herme Reefs, Lisiamki Islands, Laysan Islands, and etc. These Monk seals usually are on the main islands of Hawaii. The terrain of the seals are at cold climates/places and at beaches at by boarders. Many seals like their homes in the water, but monk seals like their homes in rare tropical exception.

Food chain

Monk seals are carnivores who only eat fish. They eat many fishes like cephalopads, clams, and lobsters. Monk seals specifically don't hunt they just find their food by the beach shorelines or from fishermen fish nets. They don't have predators because they are usually always on the beach shorelines.


Monk seals can kind of camouflage because they have the same colored skin as the ocean and a light tint in the color of the sand. Monk seals look for food that are easy to catch, usually by the shoreline. When Monk seals hunt for food in the sea they get their food from fish nets that fishermen catch their fish with. They eat variety of fishes like eels, lobsters, shrimp, and squid. Monk seals are smart enough to know if something is coming to get them or trying to attack them. Monk seals are not the type of mammals that hunt for food they prefer to get food from fishermen nets and beach shorelines.

Critical Information and Endangered Reasons

Monk seals are very rare creatures. In this universe if an animal gets extinct it will never come back, so today we must try to save endangered animals. Monk seals are very cute and fun to be around and they like to live in the water. Monk seals today begin to be extinct because either they drowning and fishermen killing them. Today we have natural laws and survival programs that say you can't kill seals.


Hawaiian monk seal mom and pup swimming