The 1930s Economy

The 1930s Economy

The start of the 1930s the was rough the the economy was falling and the great depresion was just starting. Many people where loseing there jobs and homelessness and hunger grew across the country.

The Great Depression

In the late 1930s and the 1930s many people where homeless and jobless. It got so bad that many people started raiding grocrey stores and feeding station. some people wanted to resort to a better soulution and and started selling apples.

The farmers too

  farmers where hit hard in this crisis. during World War 1, American farmers suppled crops to Europe and the United States. After the war there was an over supply of cropsand crop prices plummeted. Some farmers took out loans hoping to get a profit in later weeks. most of these farmers lost their farms because they were unable to pay their loans.;