What is Cyber-Bullying?

Cyber-Bullying is a another type of bullying someone but on an electronic.The bullies use the electronic to go online and bully someone from their own class or someone they hate really much.So the bullies go on social media and find the person who they hate or ask that person so they can bully them online for example websites and apps like (iMessage,Facebook,Twitter and many more.

Why should Cyber-Bullying stop?

Cyber-Bullying must stop because Cyber-Bullying has been giving kids mental health issues like they get hurt,meanwhile the bullies are doing their job online.

How could we stop Cyber-Bullying?

There is hardly an way to stop Cyber-Bullying,but there is one and more ways to stop it and that way is to stand up together and team up and tell the bullies to stop bullying and Cyber-Bullying,

How can we help the bullied students (That are in your school)

We can help the bullied students by being friends with them and giving them advice like not to talk back to bullies and more.They will feel like they have somebody who has their back
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