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the electromagnetic induction edition

Electromagnetic induction is...

...when a voltage is produced after going across a conductor through a magnetic field. Michael Faraday discovered this principle, and he originally called it electromagnetic rotation. He created two motors that worked by a continuous circular motion caused by a magnetic force around a wire that went into a pool of mercury. The wire goes around a the magnet when supplied with battery current. These later became what our top product is this week, the electric motor, which uses the induction by transferring electrical energy to mechanical. On sale for only $249.99!

Other things that use the electric motor shown above include:


This is a wonderful product to bring electricity to your home. Invented by William Stanley in 1886, it scales down the high voltages in power lines to smaller volts to send to your household. We have here for the lowest price around, $1450.99!

**SPECIAL** Electric guitars use induction through their pickups, which convert the string vibrations into electric energy into amps or speakers. Adolph Rickenbacker is the inventor of the first modern amplifiable electric guitar. We have this one on sale for just $499.99

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New item!

These are new to our inventory. The paper straightener uses induction by transferring energy into heat, and we have them here for cheap! Just $399.99


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