The Netherlands

I see The Netherlands in your future.

The Netherlands flag.

This is the Netherlands flag. And here is a hyperlink to a stop motion picture on The Netherlands flag.

Fact File!

Area: 16,030 sq. ft.

2012 Population: 16,751,323 people

Largest city: Amsterdam

Official Language: Dutch

Important facts

Great for go getters!

Dance Class Time!

For the past years, Julies Touch of Silver, a dance class in Oshkosh, WI, has been going to the World champions in The Netherlands. For a fact, last year Julies Touch of Silver won 1st place at worlds.

Netherlands national anthem

National Anthem Holland (Wilhelmus Van Nassowe) - Inno Nazionale Olanda


75% of studies prove that the people of the Netherlands are most beautiful.


On December 5th, people of the Netherlands celebrate a holiday much like Christmas. Their "Santa Claus" looks like a red St. Patrick person. However, they do not focus on how many presents they get, but more the way the presents are wrap. They go to extreme lengths to try to wrap the presents in the most funky way.

People 2

People of the Netherlands are likely to be taller than the average person.

Transportation and villages

The town of Giethoorn in the Netherlands has no roads. They travel by water over one of MANY canals.