Mrs. Amy Converse

Special Needs Case Manager, TRECA Digital Academy

My name is Amy Converse and I have been assigned to be your case manager this school year. What does this mean? I am your advisor and your advocate, and my job is to help you succeed! I will be monitoring your work pace, helping you stay on track, and working with you on goals outlined in your I.E.P.. I can also assist you with your classes if you still need help above what your teachers provide. In other words, I am the person you should contact if you need anything! If I do not know the answer, I will find someone who does.

Contact Information

Email is the best way to reach me. I check my email several times a day at different times of the day. You may also call the number below and follow the prompts to ask for me by name. Please leave a voice mail if I do not answer. Also, if you are having technical or computer issues, call the number below and ask for the "help desk".